Galini Stergiou

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Galini Stergiou

Galini Stergiou is a conservator of Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Objects and artwork.

Since 2016 Galini owns and maintains a conservation laboratory in Thessaloniki and has significant experience through contracting conservation works with churches and private collectors.

She has a vast variety of portfolio including religious artefacts, woodcarving, artworks, books and archive material, ceramic, metal, and glass artefacts.

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Old artwork

Reasons for conserving

Turn back time
The purpose of conservation is to restore cultural heritage objects and artworks to their original state by suspending the wear and tear of time. Ultimately, conservation achieves the task of rescuing and promoting them, while preserving their historical and artistic qualities.
Increase artwork value
In conservation, appropriate techniques must be applied, always in accordance with the conservation code of conduct. As an outcome, the artistic quality of cultural heritage objects is highlighted, increasing their value.

Protect from damage
Proper storage and exhibition of cultural heritage objects and artworks, after restoration, is an important factor in protecting them from future damage. Special attention must be paid to the environmental conditions of the storage.

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Our conservation and restoration laboratory undertakes projects from churches and private collections (icons, woodcarvings, artworks, book/archival material, as well as ceramics, metal and glass objects). For more information, please contact us.

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